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Fort Worth Generator Rentals

Generator comes with gas included. A generator will be required if there will be no working 110v electrical outlet within 65 ft of the inflatable. Only one blower to each generator. If we are sold out of generators please check with Home Depot or any equipment rental stores. Must be at least 3000 watts.
Pick-up hours for Saturday rentals are from 8am-12pm/ drop-off same night from 8pm-10pm or drop off Sunday morning from 7am-9am.
Pick-up hours for Sunday rentals are from 11am-1pm/ drop-off Monday morning from 8am-10am.
Customer pick-ups from Monday-Thurs 11am-1pm/drop-off next morning from 8am-10am.

No customer pick-ups for Friday rentals unless it will be a 2-day rental to include Saturday.
**NO discounts apply on generator rentals

Generator 3000w
Generator 3000w

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